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2019 Strategy Session

Let’s tackle your BIG your life, career, and business goals!
Let’s strategize your career change, business development, relationships, and personal development!
Let’s plan how to put your story together and communicate it through your personal and company brand!
Let’s strategize how you can live YOUR best life!


During your 30 or 60-minute, high-impact Phone or Zoom Strategy Session, we dive deep into what’s really getting in your way. (HINT: It’s probably not what you think.) Once we quiet the internal mental chatter and determine where you’re sabotaging yourself, we design a specific action plan to help you get started living the life you desire and create momentum.

To help you get the most from your session, come to the call prepared with a specific challenge you’re facing so we can dive right in. You’ll also be emailed a pre-session questionnaire to complete prior to our call.

Wanna take this journey with a friend? Cool! I have a plan designed for you and your accountability partner. We will dedicate 60 minutes to each of you. Followed up with tips on how you can better support each other.

This session is designed for women who:

• are seeking clarity about the direction of their life,
• have entered a new phase of life and not sure what their next step is, and who
• want positive and sustainable changes to their lifestyle

These sessions are held Monday-Thursday and Saturdays. Once payment is made, you will receive access to Pranati’s calendar. Please email for questions.

1:1 Coaching

“Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are.”

This Personal Development Plan of Purpose is designed for women who want more and is tired of not living a purposeful life! This is your life makeover package! Designed for the inner high achiever in any woman who desires to raise the bar and set the highest expectation for herself. Transformation is the mission and purpose of this intensive and life-changing package. The plan is designed to gain clarity and develop habits that change your path in a way that is authentically true to your spirit.

During your 12 x 60 minute private sessions with Pranati, you will:

• Gain a clear understanding of your current life situation
• Clearly identify your true motivations for change
• We will dive into your Purpose, how to have Radical manifestations, live with Authenticity; be of Noble character, walk in your
given Authority, Tenacity; and Influence.
• Be supported to create a life in true alignment with the authentic truth of your heart
• Develop tools to allow you to continue to develop your life’s purpose and reintegrate your purpose into your life
• Receive inspiring nuggets specifically for you, selected to assist you on your life purpose journey
• Email check-ins as required each week

Group Coaching

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

-African Proverb

This Group Coaching Plan is a 12-month plan designed for a group of 5-6 people. It’s designed around 12 daily principles that are to assist each person with focusing on making their Today Matter!

Areas of focus:

• Attitudes
• Priorities
• Health
• Family
• Thinking
• Commitment
• Finances
• Faith
• Relationships
• Generosity
• Values
• Growth

We will dig deep into each one of these principles each month over the 12 months. (one per month)

Leadership Coaching

“Leadership is Influence; nothing more, nothing less.”

– John C. Maxwell

As a certified leadership expert I, equip and empower executives, employers, employees, advisors, and businesses with new ways of thinking and development in order to create a level of consistent high performance, with the intention of maximizing organizational success.

Leadership can be developed and with the right tools in place, we can help those leaders within your organization come forth.
What I’ve learned along my journey is, Organizations that invest in their people have the lowest turnover rate and happier employee morale. People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.


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