Who Is Pranati

Pranati Battaile walks you on a journey of finally living the life you desired that is grounded in the things that matter to you.

When Pranati was embarking upon her 30th birthday and reflecting on the first 30 years of her life, she didn’t like where she was. She knew it was time for a change, but unfortunately she didn’t know how to change nor who she needed to change into. She began to ask herself some very serious, thought-provoking and heartfelt questions…..You know the “real” questions that so many of us avoid. She began to do her own Authentic Introspection…..she looked within so she began to live with out. She needed to surrender and let go of what she thought was the life she wanted. Shortly after she founded her business, Authentic Introspection. Tag Line: L.I.B.B.Y which simple means; “Living Life Boldly by Being Yourself.”

“It’s taken me 10 years to learn how to fully L.I.B.B.Y., yet the journey has been worth it. In choosing to surrender and become of nothing, I gained

everything and became everything I was ever meant to be, Pranati explains.”  “Jesus became my role model, not who I saw on television. I prayed and asked God to send people into my life that could help me to become the woman He ordained me to be. I also prayed to recognize and receive these people with gladness. Jesus became my role model and to live a life as He did became my greatest goal. God became my solid foundation and loving His people through servanthood became my focus, and helping others to live out the life they desire and the one Jesus died that they might have became my mission.”

Authentic Introspection is meant to be a fun yet intense journey of searching for self. Its about L.I.B.B.Y.; Living Life Boldly by Being Yourself. “I believe this life is meant to be lived, and lived to the fullest, Pranati continues.” I truly believe that living the life of your dreams is possible….anything is possible. It’s possible to live a whole and healthy life, spirit, soul, body, emotionally, socially and financially. If its peace you desire, peace you can have, but it all starts with God and you walking out who you were specially ordained to be. I ask real questions. It’s those real and hard questions that started me on this journey. Its those real questions that has helped me to live the life of peace, love and full enjoyment that I live today.”

Pranati spent several years in active duty military, traveling the world and exploring life and it has to offer. Her Servant Leadership and goal-oriented outlook on life and her passion for helping others reach their goals led her to joining the John Maxwell Team. Prior to joining the team, she spent many years on Active duty military with the US Navy and 13 years in Behavioral Health Industry as a Qualified Mental Health Professional. She hold a Bachelor Degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. In addition, she is also a wife, serve in ministry at my local church and mentor local teens in her community and across the globe. It is not always easy juggling the list of daily responsibilities but Pranati has found a way do to it all in a way that’s works effectively for her and she is looking forward to helping you find a way to balance your life and achieve your way of L.I.B.B.Y.


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